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Music & Events

Face 2 Face

Friday, June 23 2017 - 6:00 pm

Face 2 Face exudes energy, excitement, and showmanship.
The rare gift of being able to win audiences over. A sexy high energy band performing the best of today's radio hits... Pop classics, R&B favorites,top 40 dance,the newest Latin and
reggae-ton...even some 80s & 90s retro

Oigo -Feel Good Folk Dub

Saturday, June 24 2017 - 6:00 pm

"OIGO is politely irreverent music, curated by Suenalo's Adrian Gonzalez. Familiar songs presented in a slightly unfamiliar way, interspersed with pleasantly agreeable original tunes. Feel Good Folk Dub."

Kat Riggins Blues Revival

Sunday, June 25 2017 - 6:00 pm

Singer/Songwriter, Artist, Earthchild, God's daughter... Call her any of these things or ALL of these things, but be sure to call her blessed. Kat Riggins is a bluesy songstress with rockstar flair and a hip-hop heartbeat. Music is her passion and her purpose!

Jenny Martin Band

Friday, June 30 2017 - 6:00 pm